Yose Mosey 2022

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Three brothers embarked in the old Grand Rapids Toyota Sienna van on the first of June and set their sights on the setting sun and that far mountain range to the West: the Sierra Nevadas. The main goal of the trip was to enter Yosemite NP’s back country and find the restorative silence of the America’s premier wilderness. On the way to and fro, they managed to enter 3 new National Parks, visit some beloved family, listen to 3 full length audiobooks, hammock under the stars of five different states, and cover the modest distance of 5,020 miles. The highlight for this old brother was a long day in Yosemite where we climbed both Cloud’s Rest and Half Dome in a 21 miles loop in 13 hours… God’s glory shines in so many ways!

Hikes and Walks (link will take you to Strava record in a new window)

Exclamation Point (Black Canyon of the Gunnison NP - CO)

Pyramid Peak Ridge (Great Basin NP - NV)

Hike up to Sunrise Lake #1  Campsite (Yosemite NP - CA)

Day Hike around Sunrise Lakes (Yosemite NP - CA)

Cloud's Rest and Half Dome (Yosemite NP - CA)

Hike down from Sunrise Lakes (Yosemite NP - CA)

Tuolmne Grove Walk (Yosemite NP - CA)

Steven's Trail (American River - Sierra Foothills, CA)

Tundra Communities Walk (Rocky Mountain NP - CO)

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